Monday, May 11, 2015

Homeschooling: Here We Go!

I know this might be a strange time to share this post since it is the spring and not the fall but my husband and I have just begun our homeschooling journey.  We had decided long before this season to homeschool and you can read about that decision and why we chose this curriculum in these previous posts.  We recently decided that now was the time to begin our homeschooling journey.

My oldest son, Pickle, turned 5 last month and he has always been interested in learning so when I told him we were beginning Kindergarten he was very excited about it.  After researching a number of Catholic homeschool options, my husband and I decided upon enrolling Pickle into Seton Home Study.  

Here's what we have decided to do for our K curriculum with Pickle: 

Religion: Seton's Curriculum + Additional supplements (see next week's post)
Phonics/Reading: Seton's Curriculum + CHC's Little Stories for Little Folks
Math: Seton's curriculum
Handwriting: Seton's curriculum
Science: Seton's curriculum + CHC's Behold and See 1 + Non-fiction books 
Art: Seton's curriculum + art projects from Catholic Icing and Catholic Inspired
Music: Seton's curriculum + Piggyback Songs (Praise God and Praise Jesus)

So far it has only been a month but we are enjoying ourselves.  Pickle wakes up excited and ready to learn and I LOVE being here with him along the way!  How blessed I am that I get to be part of such an important time in my child's life!  It's not always easy but it is always worthwhile.

Homeschooling families reading this, what curriculum are you using?  Do you have any favorite supplements or subjects you purchased from other companies?  I'd love to hear your input as well!

Blessings to you and yours,

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