My Domestic Church

My name is Maria and I am a wife and stay-at-home mother of two boys (so far…wink, wink! ), ages 4 and 4 mos, and two lovely children in heaven (I can’t wait to meet them!).  I’m in my mid-30s (Yikes! When did that happen?) and my husband JUST retired from the military after 21 years.  So we not only have recently expanded our little family, but we are also making the transition to civilian life.  To those of you who have made this transition already, feel free to share your best tips! 

In addition to wife and mother, I’m also a speech-language pathologist who made the hard choice to work per diem around my hubby’s schedule so I can be present for my boys!  However, while working with the special needs population for over a decade, I’ve been blessed with many unique learning opportunities and with a number of experiences which have reinforced my Catholic beliefs and my views on the value of every human life!

My husband and I have made the very difficult decision to home-school our children (I’ll be sharing all about this adventure in future blog posts).  In theory it sounds wonderful, but putting it into practice will most certainly be a challenge.

My hope is that by saying “yes” to my vocation as wife and mother, my children will always say “yes” to God.  I pray desperately that my children will remain close to me, their earthly mother, while always serving their heavenly mother, Mary.  And though we strive for sainthood, we may still fall short, but, arriving in Purgatory is no consolation prize!