Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday Poem!

A Good Friday Poem
By: Maria Del Duca

The betrayal with a kiss
in the garden has been made. 
In the middle of the night, 
like a thief they take him 
with clubs and swords.
Secret trial and false accusations!
Peter's third denial 
as the cock crows.
Apostles have scattered.
Where is His support?

Like a lamb to the slaughter 
He is bound and lead to Pilot.
Whipped, scourged, spat upon.
Kicked, hit, beaten, blows to the head.
Loss of half of His blood
standing there, alone.  ALONE.
"Crucify him!" yells the crowd.
The coward washes his hands
but not his soul,
of this death sentence.

Embracing the cross!
Hugging the cross!
Struggling to walk,
slowing putting one foot 
in front of the other.
Beaten, kicked, falling.
So weak.  How to go on?
He sees his mother.
His face is wiped.
He stands with Simon.
Together they drag
the cross to Golgotha!

Nails in his wrists!
Nails through his feet!
Crown of thorns pushed
more deeply in his head.
Gasping for breath.
Loosing blood.
So weak.
Pushing himself up:
"I thirst"
"This is your mother,
this your son."
"My God, my God
why have you forsaken me?"
"It is finished!"

At the foot of the cross,
a mother's heart is broken.
Tears streaming down her face,
but no words of protest
ever touch her lips.
The baby she nursed,
the toddler she consoled,
the preschooler she guided,
the school age child she taught,
the teenager with whom she shared jokes,
the man she adored and admired,
has now expired.
The light in her eyes 
has been extinguished.
Her despair is beyond belief.
A part of herself has died,
how can she go on?
Alone?  ALONE...

...until they meet again.

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