Monday, April 20, 2015

Homeschooling: Why?

The first question I think most people ask themselves when they hear we are homeschooling (besides "Is she crazy?") is "Why?".  Why did we choose to homeschool?  Well this is a question with several answers.

Firstly let me say that my husband and I have been discussing this for several years prior to making our decision and do not make it lightly.  So hear are just a few of the reasons we decided to try homeschooling:

  • I've always wanted my children to have a Catholic education, however the cost of a traditional Catholic school for all of our children for the next 12 years (per child) is NOT sustainable for us.
  • I have been educating my oldest since he's popped out of the womb. I know him the best and I know how he learns best.  He is quite advanced for his age and is interested in learning. I needed a program that I could cater to his enjoyment of learning while adequately challenging him.
  • I wanted flexibility so that we can work around my husbands works schedule as needed.
  • I hated the idea that someone (teachers, principals, etc.), who has different ideals, morals, and beliefs, would have such a big influence over my child's thinking and learning.
  • I really hated the idea of my son being away from me so many hours a day!  I can't help it!  I love being around my kids (not in a June Cleaver sort of way...I just love them)!  So sue me ;)
  • Children are growing up so quickly these days and even if I do not allow my child to watch certain shows or play video games, he will most definitely learn about them from other children.  I understand I cannot (nor do I want to) shelter my children from the outside world, however, I do want to have the say, as my child's parent, as to what outside influences my child will encounter in his very formative years.
  • I LOVE being a part of my child's learning process!  I love watching his wheels turn and I can't wait to see the sparkle in his eye when he wakes up in the morning and asks if its a school day.
  • After so many years praying about this decision, I truly feel this is part of my personal vocation!  How BLESSED am I that I get to be part of my children's lives like this!
Don't worry! I'm under no illusion that this journey will be easy or always be enjoyable!  It is a very LONG process and one that I am very willing to tweak, change and adjust along the way as we need.  Will I always homeschool?  Who knows.  But for now this is what is working for our family.  

So come along for this wild ride and let's get started!

Have you decided to homeschool? If so, what were your primary reasons for doing so?

Blessings to you and yours,

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