Thursday, April 16, 2015

Needing to Kneel!

Although we have been praying with our children since birth, we tend to say most of our prayers sitting down.  I recall when I was growing up the number of times, my dad made us kneel to say our rosary and how often as a young child I would fall asleep in that famous child position (on all fours with my bottom in the know the one).  So I never really pushed the "kneeling thing" with my own children.  But I finally came to the conclusion that kneeling in prayer is actually a skill that needs to be learned.  And it's one of which I have come to forget the real significance.

Sometimes life really hits us with the unexpected.  Sometimes it beats us up and sometimes we just let it.  Sometimes life smacks us hard in the face and we have no way to respond but to get down on our knees and pray.

I have to admit that before this Lent, only in mass had I been kneeling in prayer.  I find myself kneeling and crawling on the floor while playing with my children and I cannot get on my knees for our Lord, the man who carried my sins, whose heart continues to be pierced by my transgressions, the man who had to see His mother's eyes filled with excruciating pain at the foot of the cross whilst He could hardly take a breath?  Well, when I put it like that...

How quickly I seem to forget His sacrifice in my daily life!  How far removed I feel from His passion in the midst of diaper changes, meal preparations, house cleaning and laundry!  I recall the difficulty I had trying to live in the presence of Christ after a life-changing weekend retreat while continuing my daily life in college.  I remember my frustration and the great crash!  The let down on "the fourth day"!  Maybe that's just the struggle in life!  Maybe it means my life has too many distractions.  Maybe it means I need to pray more simple little prayers throughout my day.  Maybe I need more time reading the bible in the evenings.  Maybe...just maybe I need to get down on my knees.  Just a few thoughts today.

Blessings to you and yours,

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