Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Prayerful Reflections: 1 Corinthians Chapters 12 &13

My prayerful reflections while reading Corinthians Chapters 12 ("We are One Body...") and 13 ("Love is patient, Love is kind..."

Love is not jealous, prideful, or narcissistic. 
Love isn’t egocentric, gossipy, or judgmental of people.  
Love sits back quietly, listening, feeling, putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes, aching with them and for them, praying desperately that this member of the body of Christ comes home.  
And those who have yet to become members of the Body, those not yet baptized, Love knows God created them to BECOME part of the Body!  
No one can FILL their shoes.  
No one can pick up their slack.  
We are all hurting because they are not YET part of the Body.  
We are incomplete.  
We are missing part of ourselves.  
Love quietly wipes its own face who has been spit upon.  
Love silently prays for those who hate and ridicule him.  
Love looks into the eyes of hate and longs to desperately save that soul from eternal damnation.  
Love feels the LOSS of EVERY LOST SHEEP.  
But Love KNOWS the MERCY of our God.  
Love understands that the Shepherd will always be calling the lost sheep home.  
So Love waits and prays.  
Love fasts and gives alms.  
Love serves.  
Love helps.  
Love hopes.  
Love believes that one day ALL LOST SHEEP who CHOOSE to be found, will come back home. 
All members will become one body once again.

Blessings to you and yours,

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