Monday, April 27, 2015

Homeschooling: Why Seton Home Study?

Last week I answered the first question most people will be asking themselves when they hear we are homeschooling.  This week we will answer the second.

The second question most people will most likely ask us about homeschooling is "What curriculum are you using and why?".  So let's tackle that question today!

As I stated before, I wanted an authentically Catholic program, one that was in tandem with what Mother Church teaches.  It was very important to me that this program is one that is affordable, and flexible enough that it can follow us if we move from state to state as needed.  Additionally, I was interested in finding a Catholic program that follows the child through HS if we so choose to homeschool all the way to graduation.  And finally, it was important for me to find a program that was challenging academically while also being accredited.  I found all of these prerequisites in Seton Home Study.

So what do I like about this program so far? Well it's only been about a month since I received our Kindergarten curriculum via the mail.  What I enjoy about this program so far:
  • I love the beautiful pictures of the Blessed Mother and Infant Jesus on our text books. 
  • I also love how simple prayers, religious art and religious symbols are woven into our daily school work.
  • I very much enjoy that we can go at the pace of our child.  For example, when I spoke to one of the academic counselors via the phone they informed me that for children they can have up to two years to complete K as needed.  
  • The other thing I love is that Seton gives a LOT of practice on each skill but also allows parents to determine how much practice each child requires.  I can see this repetitive daily practice could be very helpful for children who require much practice for learning to occur.   Blessedly for us, Pickle is well on his way into the K curriculum in just a few weeks because he knows so much already.  So due to the flexibility of this curriculum, we have been able to move along fairly quickly through many of the math and phonics lessons in order to meet Pickle where he is currently functioning.
  • I like that the daily required practice is minimal (a worksheet or two a day per subject) so that leaves parents with much time to create extension activities.  We have a lot of fun with manipulatives (a.k.a. legos, blocks, matchbox cars, crayons, even candy) and a simple wipe board for math!
  • I also love that we have a LOT of time for reading together, time for Pickle to practice reading and time for me to read chapter books to him.
Other things I enjoy about homeschooling in general:
  • I enjoy that we can take breaks throughout the day as we need to.
  • I love that I can change and manipulate activities in order to provide deeper learning opportunities for my son.
  • I also love that I am a part of my son's incidental learning as he experiences it throughout the day.  For example, my son learned what fractions looked like on a measuring cup when we made his dad's birthday cake last week.  Simple, real-life, incidental learning.
  • I VERY MUCH ENJOY snuggling up with my boys while reading chapter books each day.
  • Who doesn't LOVE wearing PJs to school?
  • I can't help but enjoy the fact that homeschool does not have to look like "school" at all.  We can be on the couch, at the kitchen table or even piled up in my queen sized bed reading and discussing various subjects.
  • What I'm looking forward to are the field trips!  We are in a wonderful state full of so much history that I cannot WAIT to take my sons to some of these great museums, state parks and historic sites.
So this is why we have chosen Seton.  We are currently supplementing some of Pickle's curriculum with other materials and I'll share what we are doing and why on the next post!

Homeschooling families, what curriculum are you using?  Feel free to share!

Blessings to You and Yours,

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