Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Homeschooling Update: Spring 2015

This Friday ends our first marking period of our homeschooling adventure!  I can't believe nine weeks have flown by so quickly.  So, do you want to know what our homeschooling looks like?  Allow me to describe it in one sentence: We love learning in our pjs. 

Well what do you think?  Take a peek and see for yourself.

If you missed my post on how I am supplementing religious education with something I like to call "Breakfast with the Bible" you can check it out here.  This picture above is an example of one of the extension activities we did to accompany the Cain and Able bible story.  This simple writing prompt works on language arts, spelling, handwriting as well as religion.  Four in one.  Not too shabby! :)

Addition with manipulatives!

Another way to visually show addition!  Use a dry erase marker and no matter what it is, Pickle is ready to participate.

This was right after Easter.  We decided to work on graphing by using what we had, jelly beans. Yummy!  So we graphed the number of different colored jelly beans then we had a little snack (and had to re-graph what was left over. Ha!).

Adding coins!  Pickle LOVES adding real money.  With activities like this, he mastered counting by 5s and 10s so by the time we were ready to tell time (yes on a regular clock), he was a pro.  

Of course spelling goes hand in hand with our Phonics goals as well.  Here we are using stickers to spell out words with short vowels.  Below we are spelling with simple letter tiles.  

Nature walks!  They speak for themselves I'd say.


More experiments!

Geography and Social Studies:
We are slowing learning about the 50 states.  We have mapped the big road trips we have taken across country and labeled all the states we've lived in the past.

Since we are living in a state chock full of our country's history, we are taking advantage of it with lots and LOTS of field trips!

Ok, I'll admit it. Handwriting is Pickle's least favorite activity.  He actually makes some very nice letter formations but he does NOT like to copy words or sentences.  Again, if I add dry erase markers to the activity, he is there!  Looks pretty good if you ask me.

So this is just a glimpse of some of the subjects Pickle is working on and what homeschool currently looks like in our house.  It has taken a bit of time, preparation and organization, but we are getting this "school" thing figured out and we are coming to learn what works for our clan.  Stay tuned and I'll share more updates over the summer. 

Blessings to you and yours,

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