Thursday, February 12, 2015

St. Valentine's Day 2015

I'm sharing this only a few days early in case you are still looking for some quick St. Valentine's day ideas.  Sorry I wanted to get this up last week but time got away from me.  So what is this chaotic family doing to celebrate St. Valentine's day/week?  Check it out!

St. Valentine's Book

This year, St. Valentine's day is all about God's love for us.  We started with the story of St. Valentine (I purchased this on amazon for less than $7...woot, woot!).  It's a nice book to discuss the history of St. Valentine's day and where all this "fun" comes from.

St. Valentine's Memory

I also made an easy St. Valentine's Day memory game for my son.  I simply went to google images and copied and pasted pictures of images associated with Christ's love:  the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Valentine, Blessed Mother Theresa, the Holy Spirit and our family's patron saint this year, St. Angela Merici (if you missed that blog post you can find out all about her here), into a table I created in microsoft powerpoint.  I find it's much easier to deal with pictures when I work in ppt.  

Note: Because I couldn't find these pictures under public domain I do not have the rights to public reproduction and therefore cannot share this memory game with you.  Good news though, you can simply head on over to google images, type in what you are looking for and copy and paste to create your own memory game.  Be sure to tailor it to your family!

We talked a little bit about what each picture meant and why they were chosen for our St. Valentine's day puzzle.  Then I cut out the pictures, glued them to the backs of some construction paper hearts and we played memory!

Simple game twist: the player who finds St. Valentine's match wins the game.  It's a race to the finish line! 

Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart DIY craft

THIS I can share with you as I made it in ppt with clip art pictures from Microsoft.  So if you want a copy be sure to click the link below for your copy.

Again, I just went into power point and used the clip art they had there to make all the symbols my son would need to assemble the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  See the pictures below of assembly!

Oh I also added a page that explained the symbols and what they represent so if you choose to make this with your own children you'll be able to share the meaning of each heart!

Want to do this DIY craft?  GRAB IT HERE!

Here are the pictures of our DIY craft! 

Coloring Sheets
Sacred and Immaculate Hearts and St. Valentine

Don't have time for a craft or want to do a little bit more?  Well over at Catholic Inspired there is an AWESOME coloring page and craft you can do for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  
If you are not already a member you may have to register to become one to print these goodies off but don't fear.  It's FREE and easy to do!!!  

catholic project ideascatholic project ideasWe also took advantage of the wonderful coloring sheets that Catholic Playground offers for free!  They have two wonderful coloring sheets for St. Valentine at the link above.  Scroll down the find them at the bottom of the page.   Note: Do not attempt to color print out these sheets below as they will be much too small and distorted to color. I just added them to this post so you could have a visual of what you were looking for at Catholic Playground.  

So these are just some ideas of how we are celebrating St. Valentine's week!  Don't worry, we will still be enjoying some heart shaped cookies and pancakes and we are definitely going to exchange some St. Valentine's cards!  

What are your St. Valentine's ideas?  Did you do the DIY craft or color the page from Catholic Inspired?  Comment below!  

Blessings to You and Yours and Happy St. Valentine's Day,

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