Monday, February 16, 2015

Book Review: Christianity and the crisis of Cultures

Image result for christianity and crisis of culturesThis book written by Joseph Ratzinger, before he became Pope Benedict XVIth, explores how the culture of moral relativism is affecting Christianity.  Although, this book was written some years ago, it is still very appropriate for today's world as well.  When struggling with all the grays in the world, knowing Mother Church has it all figured out long before we even begin to ask the questions is quite reassuring.  However, how do we face the confusion and questions that are brought up in this morally relativistic world?  This book addresses this very thing!

A review on quotes this work with:  "Unable to recognize God's existence or objective truth, morality is consequently reduced to a relative concept, leading to a 'confused ideology of freedom that leads to dogmatism' and ultimately 'to the self-destruction of freedom,' says Pope Benedict".

Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures is an fairly short book and an easy read for the lay person.  There is no difficult dogmatic information to digest.  Simply understanding where our culture is being led astray via relativism is it's goal and it is achieved well in my opinion.

I give it:  4 "Chaotic" Stars!  

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