Saturday, November 26, 2016

Advent 2016!

I'm very excited! It's my favorite time of year as tomorrow officially begins Advent 2016!

I still have to find a place for the Jesse Tree where a 2-year old who us continually in "destructo" mode cannot knock it over. With that said, most of the house is ready for our prayerful preparation over the next 5 weeks. Here are a few pictures.

Our fireplace mantle, is the focal point of our livining room. It turned out beautifully.

I purchased this Advent wreath this year from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. I'm looking forward to many many Advent seasons using this lovely wreath.

Here's our "good deeds" manger, in which my boys will be placing a piece of yarn each time they perform a good deed for another. The goal being that the boys perform enough kind acts that Baby Jesus will have a soft bed on Christmas morning to lie on. This is a family favorite.

A simple Nativity set in the foyer at the entrance to our home to remind us everytime we enter, what this season is really all about.

We cannot forget the Advent music can we?

This Advent calendar is also a big hit in our family. 

So that's it. Tomorrow I'll find a place for our Jesse Tree and we shall begin this wonderful Advent journey.

Do you decorate for Advent? I love hearing others's ideas so please share.

May you have a very Blessed Advent with your loved ones,

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