Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mary: Mediatrix of All Graces!

The Catholic Church honors our Blessed Mother with so many beautiful titles including one of my favorites,  the Mediatrix of all grace.   Now what does that mean?  It means that the Holy Spirit, the third person in the Blessed Trinity, chose Mary to bring the Word, our Lord, Jesus Christ, into the world.  Did He have to use a woman, who at the time was considered a lesser human being?  Of course our God didn't have to use ANYONE to bring Jesus into this world.  He CHOSE her.  She was chosen, above ALL women!  She was chosen for the Son!

Upon choosing Mary to be the vessel of the incarnate Word, the Holy Spirit made her, His channel through which all graces flow to this world!  Wait. What?  Yep you read that correctly.  Jesus was brought to this world to complete the "new covenant" through His passion, death and Resurrection.  It was ONLY through GRACE that He was made in the flesh and walked on this earth.  It was ONLY through GRACE that our Father, God, chose to make a new covenant with us, to open the gates of Heaven.  And there was ONLY one vessel in which this grace was bestowed, and that was in our Mother Mary!  

It is recorded in the bible that Mary was "full of grace".  This direct translation from the original language actually meant that Mary was, is, has always been since conception, full of grace.  The direct translation reveals to us, through scripture that Mary, at the moment of her CONCEPTION was FULL OF GRACE!  This is why, we as Catholics, call her the Immaculate Conception and we do not believe our Lady had original sin.  Jesus was NOT the Immaculate Conception as the secular world seems to presume.  It was, is Our Blessed Mother.  This is why we as Catholics know our Lady was the chosen vessel to bring grace upon the world!  Sit with this for a minute if this is the first time hearing these thoughts.  They are mind-blowing. I understand.

Mary was always free from sin.  Mary was always full of grace.  Mary was chosen by God.  Mary, who was given free will to say "No", chose to say "I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to thy Word.".  Mary, who brought the Incarnate Word into the world, who raised Him, adored Him, loved Him, taught Him, cradled Him, nursed Him when He was sick, held Him when He was hurt, nourished Him body AND soul (as only a mother can do), then let Him go, allowing Him to sacrifice Himself as a lamb heading to the slaughterhouse.  Mary, who watched our Lord suffer under the weight of the cross, witnessed him lose more than half of his blood from soldiers scourging, whipping and beating him, and faced him hanging on the cross for three excruciating hours never choosing to deliver Himself from such great agony.  Mary, the mother who lost her Son at Calvary.  Mary, the mother whom Jesus loved so much He performed His first miracle only at her insistence.  Mary, the mother Jesus adored so fully that He chose to "give" her to the world, by "giving" her to St. John, His beloved apostle at the foot of the cross.  THIS is the Mary we venerate!  THIS is the Mary we love!

ALL graces that are bestowed upon this world MUST come THROUGH our Blessed Mother; given by Christ of course, but ONLY THROUGH the Blessed Mother.  She is the channel with which the world receives our Lord!  So yes, we as Catholics, rightly so, give our Blessed Mother, the title of Mediatrix of All Graces!  It was through her fiat, her "yes", that all graces came, and will forever come into this world.  

As St. Louis De Monfort said:
"He has chosen her to be the dispenser of all He possesses, in such sort that she distributes to whom she wills, as she wills and when she wills, all His gifts and graces.  The Holy Ghost gives no heavenly gift to men which He does not have pass through her virginal hands."

And this is why we LOVE our Mother, Mary so very very much!  Through her we learn who Jesus is.  Through her, we find HIM!

Blessings to you and yours,

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