Thursday, May 14, 2015

Book Review: Flame of Love

Did you know there was someone who lived into the late 20th century who experienced inner locutions from Jesus and Mary for over 20 years?  Did you know she was an ordinary housewife, mother, and grandmother with very little education who was chosen to share an outporing of graces with the world that will "blind Satan"?

Flame of Love, by Elizabeth Kindelmann, is an abridged version of her personal diaries that she kept for over twenty years.  Elizabeth was an orphan who grew up in communist Hungry.  She was married at 16 and widowed with six children by the age of 33.  Eventhough her family faced poverty and starvation, she never gave up.  Elizabeth worked several jobs at one time for many years to support her children but she was not well-educated.  In the early 1960s she began to have inner locutions, heavenly communications, between our Lord, Jesus and our Blessed Mother, Mary.  This diary was written at Jesus' request in an attempt to spread Mary's Flame of Love to all of humanity, which according to Jesus is "an outpouring of graces so great that they have not existed since the Word became Flesh".

The diary shares the spiritual struggles, sufferings, and ecstacies Elizabeth experienced through her communication with Mary and Jesus during the last two decades of her lifetime prior to her passing in 1985.  There are also a number of ASTOUNDING promises our Lord and Lady make to Elizabeth for ANYONE who performs these actions in the effort to share her Flame of Love.

As this is an abridged translation, the diary itself does seem a bit choppy at times but the true message is maintained.  Our Lady's message is the real reason to read this book!  At the end of the diary, there is a very helpful synposis from the translator, who breaks down the specifics on how we too can receive and share the amazing graces of this Flame of Love through very simple things you and I can do beginning today!

Note: this book is supported and approved by the Catholic church, has received the imprimatur of at least 40 bishops and has spread to countries all over the world.

And here's some really great news:  this book is FREE to anyone who wishes to obtain it through, a Catholic apostolate dedicated to teaching others about the joys and riches of consecrating oneself to our Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Virgin asks us to "Take this Flame of Love of my Heart.  Light your own heart and pass it on.  With this flame, enkindle all the hearts in the whole country.  Pass it from heart to heart.  This will be the miracle.  It will become a blaze that blinds Satan."  And how can we say "no"?

I highly recommend you order this book to begin your journey with our Blessed Mother's, Flame of Love!

I give it: 5++ "Chaotic" stars!!!


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