Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review: The Navarre Bible: Letters of St. Paul

I stumbled upon this set of books called The Naverre Bible when I was searching for some type of more in depth study of St. Paul's letter to the Romans.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find this WONDERFUL gem out there on

The Naverre Bible series is an amazing series of books that take each book of the Catholic bible apart chapter by chapter and verse by verse adding important historical, linguistic and cultural information in order for a more complete Catholic understanding of the bible.  

Each book is a long-term study in and of itself. I'm only about a fourth of the way through the Letters of St. Paul book of this series and have learned SO SO much about the letters to Romans that I feel, I am looking at this book of the bible with new eyes.  

One of the greatest things about these books is that they are written by a wonderful group of theologians who understand how to present the religious, anthropological, sociological, and linguistic information which directly affect our understanding of the bible in an easily accessible manner for anyone who reads it.  I can't believe the luck with which I found this book series.  

I am looking forward to continuing my lifelong study of scriptures using this amazing book series!

I give it:  5 "Chaotic" stars!

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